The Furniture Guys

Ed Feldman and Joe L'Erario

About Us

The Furniture Guys are Joe L’Erario and Ed Feldman, stars of Furniture on the Mend, Furniture to Go and Men in Tool-belts.

Beginning in the early 90's the Guys made a pitch to PBS in Philadelphia and landed a show doing what they knew best: how to laugh AND get the job finished. Both guys had expertise in the furniture industry. Ed owned Classic Furniture Services which did in-house repair on peoples’ furniture, while Joe’s Refinishing by Vincent catered to refurbishing bar and restaurant interiors as well as private clients.

The hitch with PBS allowed them to fill 14 half hour shows with refinishing and upholstery projects in a fun and informative style, which wasn’t (and isn’t) present in the how-to genre. Ed and Joe quickly developed a loyal following in and around the Philadelphia area and this allowed for the move to cable in 1993. Together, Joe and Ed spent the next eight years making trend-setting how-to television shows.

The guys have over 175 shows under their tool-belts, numerous speaking engagements, a Cable Ace award, (won the '94 'Best Host' category), and are the authors of The Furniture Guys Book. They have made appearances on most of the A.M. talk shows including Good Morning America, Regis and Cathy Lee, Maury Povich and The View.

Joe L'Erario Ed Feldman