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These original, 5 x 7" Canadian landscapes are rendred on paper using solid covering, lamp-black, "Ronan" Japan colors.
Japan colors are made from superfine pigment ground in oil.
They were created between November and December of 2007.

The Furniture Guys

Ed Feldman and Joe L'Erario

Declaration of Principles

The Furniture Guys wanted me to inform you of their intent:

I. They will provide the people with an internet site that will tell all you need to know, honestly.

II. They will also provide a couple of fighting tireless champions of their rights as citizens of the planet earth to know all they need to know about all kinds of furniture and other stuff.

signed: Charles Foster Kane

PCQ - the Pop Culture Quiz

If you're like The Guys and enjoy pop culture, join the quiz. There will be a PCQ question posted here each week in the area of movies, television, shlock movements, fads, fortunes and frivolity. Be the first to answer correctly and receive an autographed 8 x 10 of the Guys --- complete with a small smearing of white-fish salad.

This week's question: What fledging movie actor had the opportunity of working with the great Fellini and then in the 60's, with shlock TV producer Irwin Allen?  Send your answer to

We received several right answers to last weeks question, thank you.

Tip of the Week

Repair Before Refinishing: Contrary to popular belief -- in the narrowest sense of the belief that the majority of people even care about repairing their own furniture, -- repairs to any bought, found or otherwise acquired piece of furniture should be completed prior to any chemical stripping.

Furniture repair isn't at all as involved as it's cousin, brain surgery.

And at nearly half the cost, there is no blood to contend with save for the occasional rogue splinter or festering blood blister.

So why make any repairs before stripping? I would answer by telling you the simple reason: you do not want to get any remover on surfaces that are going to have to be glued back together. Any trace of remover will impede the glue from drying so it's best to get the glueing out of the way before stripping. Make sense? Good.